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WOW!! Thanks for letting us know that! Rufus is beautiful and what a unique experience to have him in your life. I've taken care of wild ainimals because I'm a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. They are different and it takes a special person to raise them, that's for sure. Rufus has had a very interesting journey in life and very lucky to have so many people who care about him. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of him!!!


How interesting! I love the previous pic you posted of Rufus on the barbecue. :)

clare eats

I agree, thanks for shring so many detils about your beautiful cat with us! I am so glad that he has such great family to look after him, it is sd tht he can't be wild but at least he is loved and well cared for

kross-eyed kitty

He is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for telling us about him, I'm sure he has made a very interesting, challenging and unique pet.


Very interesting indeed. I agree with you, wild animals should not end up as pets or in captivity, but in this case, it was the only solution and I must say that you are very lucky...

I love his wild animal looks and his cute face expression! Rufus is magnificent.

Gigolo Kitty

This is really fabulous. I am glad Rufus found an understanding home. I know wild animals should not be pets but Rufus looks like he is just an ole fluffy kitty-cat at heart. Kudos to you (and your amazing vet:))


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