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clare eats

He's not really your pet... is he?

Rufus is beautiful anyway :)


wow, Rufus sure looks like he could turn dangerous in a hurry.

Papilles & Pupilles

It looks like tiger or lion ;)


He is beautiful, but yes a bit scary.


Hi all,

Yes, he's a pet - we got him when he was 8 months but he'd been bottle fed from birth by another family - he's declawed - I just took a picture of him outdoors playing with our dog and I've added it to the blog - also if you scroll down in the blog you'll see Rufus in the kitchen over Xmas lusting after the turkey!!!


wow, what a beautiful boy! how interesting, i'd love to read about his behavior on your blog. he is amazing and so cute:)


He is the new BBQ Master! He will, however, cook everything on the, uh, rare side.


That's amazing!


il est magnifique: un vrai lynx!


My dog has been acting very aggressive the past couple weeks and my cat is also acting strange. I hope they haven't contracted rabies. I'm going to have to take them both to the vet.

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Paul Grant

I am interested in also having a bobcat as a pet.... Any suggestions????

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I have never seen something like that before.

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